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Kyleigh Ramirez is a native to Tyrone, Oklahoma. She is currently majoring in Cosmetology which stems from her love of doing people’s hair and makeup all her life.

Kyleigh Ramirez

Hometown: Tyrone, Oklahoma - Major: Cosmetology

January 21, 2021

What made you decide to enroll in cosmetology?

“I absolutely love doing people’s hair and makeup. So I figured that it would be something I would enjoy doing throughout my life.”

Who is your favorite makeup artist/influencer?

I picked her because she doesn’t let anyone boss her around, she is independent, headstrong, and she is a strong woman.”

“Definitely Jeffree Star because he is fun and spontaneous. Another reason why I like him is because his makeup is so much different from all the other makeup influencers on the web. Star is also open and honest about his work which is something that you look for in a person who has his own makeup brand.”

Where do you see your life in 15 years?

“I see myself opening my own hair and makeup boutique along with a photography studio. I want to be able to style people AND take pictures of them. Whether it’s from weddings, graduation pictures, pet photo’s and even family photos.”

What is your favorite movie?

“My two all time favorite movies are Trolls and Trolls World Tour. I may not be a kid anymore but I’m a kid at heart still!”  

If you could relate yourself to any Disney princess, who would you be and why?

“If I could relate to any Disney princess it would be Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. I picked her because she doesn’t let anyone boss her around, she is independent, headstrong, and she is a strong woman.

Do you have any hidden talents?

“One hidden talent I have is that I can play the Ukulele. I bought one a couple years ago because a friend of mine had one and I wanted to learn it. So when it came in, I taught myself how to play. It is super fun and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new talent!” 

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