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Destiny Vasquez

Maggie Ibarra is in the school band. She enjoys playing the drums ever since she was little.

Maggie Ibarra

Garden City-Major: Nursing

March 2, 2021

*  Fun Fact: Enjoys playing the drums ever since she was little.

Q: What was your freshman year experience like?

A: At first I was really shy because I had just come from a different town and I didn’t know anyone. 

Q: Why did you pick to attend SCCC? 

A: I picked SCCC because it was financially cheaper for me and I had also just moved to Liberal.

Q: Did anything surprise you when you became a student? Ex. costs, rules, etc.

A: Not really, besides that the people here are decent and nice.

Q: Where is your favorite study place on campus?

A: The music cave because it’s quiet. People usually play jazz music and are very quiet or taking a nap. 

Q: What clubs or extracurricular activities do you recommend?

Maggie Ibarra is a nursing major at Seward County Community College. (Destiny Vasquez)

A: If you’re interested in music the band and choir are pretty fun. 

Q: What are the financial aid opportunities like?

A: I think it’s in the middle because it depends on your taxes. It’s easy to get it, like the process, but it depends on how much you get from your tax returns. 

Q: Do you have any advice about financial aid?

A: Fill out as early as possible, like way before the current semester is over.

Q: What don’t you like about the school, if anything?

A: The location it’s at [Liberal]. The teachers and the students are cool, but there’s not much to do for a college student. 

Q: If you could go back, would you choose this college again?

A: Honestly, yes. I really like it here.

Q: Any advice for incoming freshmen?

A: Focus on classes that you NEED. For example, english, math, science, etc., and if you do take english don’t do more than 15 hours. 


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