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Sinister 2

October 28, 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5

Megan Berg

“Sinister 2” is a scary movie for people who aren’t easily scared. I am a scary movie fanatic, so not many movies will live up to my taste, but “Sinister 2” is a good adrenaline rusher. What makes this movie even better is you do not have to watch the first “Sinister” to understand the story. 

The movie starts off with secret codes and a family running away from an abusive father. Little do they know where they move too is much darker than they could’ve imagined. From ghost kids, to creepy churches this movie has a wide array of scary scenes for all tastes. 

This movie does exceptionally well at making you uncomfortable and building up to the scares. The story line progresses with the investigation of a private detective. As they learn new info, the movie lets you make connections to how dark the story truly is. 

The ending is surely to keep you up at night not only scared but thinking ‘well what happens next?’.

 If you love jump scares, cornfields or just plain old demons this is the Halloween movie for you. “Sinister 2” has intense discoveries, complex storylines and insane scare factors, which is why this movie receives a 5/5 for the spooky review. 

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