Brynn Grieshaber

Joeri Put

Ottenburg, Belgium — Welding

September 6, 2016

“I would do more practical stuff. I would send myself to vocational school to work with my hands more. If I could go back, I wouldn’t put so much effort into high school like I did… because that stuff, you don’t use in real life. I would go out more with my friends, and not take anyone for granted.”

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Photo of Brynn Grieshaber
Brynn Grieshaber, Co-Editor

Brynn Grieshaber, co-editor of the SCCC Crusader, is just a hardworking, 20-year-old kid, who spends her days waitressing at Pizza Hut. The rest of the...

Photo of Kathleen Alonso
Kathleen Alonso, News Editor (fall)

Kathleen Alonso is the current news editor of the Crusader. She is a mother, student, worker and a lifelong learner. Her favorite time of the day is early...

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