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Keynitra Houston

Sophomore Photography major Keynitra Houston, does makeup on a daily basis and shows off her work through YouTube and Instagram.

Is makeup a big part of your life?

Girls on campus talk makeup

March 2, 2017

Makeup is one of the biggest influences in the beauty world today. People are often interested in makeup to stand out. Makeup can be a way for women and men to express themselves.

Keynitra Houston

Social media influences many opinions in today’s society. Manny Gutierrez, or MannyMUA as many people know him as, is a big social media influence in the makeup industry. Gutierrez runs a YouTube makeup channel. On his channel you can find makeup tutorials, reviews on products, or even just fun makeup challenges.

Freshman Magali Castaneda has been wearing makeup for seven years, even though sometimes she wore it behind her parents back. “I would wear makeup to school, but I’d take it off before I got home.” Castaneda’s main inspiration for makeup comes from YouTube. “I watch makeup tutorials every night before I go to bed. I watch Jeffree Star, Nikkietutorials, MannyMua and Daisy Marquez,” Castaneda said.

Keynitra Houston
Freshman Magali Castaneda, watches YouTube videos everyday and night before she goes to sleep. Castaneda also mentions that her favorite makeup guru is Manny Mua.

Although social media is a big influence for makeup, girls on campus support each other’s interest in makeup as well.


Keynitra Houston
Nursing major Victoria Rios shares that she barely developed an interest in makeup just this year.

Freshman Victoria Rios just got into makeup this year. Rios said she usually likes the natural look but also likes bronze colors. Many people enjoy watching famous gurus, but there also small channels that provide the same videos. “I watch Keynitra Houston on youtube and facebook and I’m literally obsessed, she’s the bomb” Rios said.

Jaclyn Hill is a makeup guru on YouTube and is viewed by over a million viewers each day. Cosmetology student Joselyn Sanchez states that although she doesn’t watch YouTube videos much, she watches Hill on snapchat to get ideas for different makeup looks.

Keynitra Houston
Cosmetology Student Joselyn, states that she gets her influences from makeup guru Jaclyn Hill.

Biology major Bianca Ibarbo started wearing makeup in middle when she was only 13 years old. “It was so ugly!” Ibarbo said. While most girls feel the need to throw on makeup everyday or when they’re just going out, Ibarbo feels otherwise. “I don’t have to wear makeup when I go out, but makeup is a form of art and another way to express yourself,” Ibarbo said.

Keynitra Houston
Biology major Bianca Ibarbo believes that makeup is just another say to express yourself.

Most girls start taking an interest in makeup and beauty in middle school. That’s not the case for business major Zarya King, who started wearing makeup at the age of 15. “I prefer cheap makeup, because it works just as good as high class makeup,” King said.

Keynitra Houston
Zarya King is a true lover of purple makeup. King is a fan of the “bummy look” and doesn’t wear makeup all the time.

Although makeup is a go to for beauty, beauty comes from within yourself, not makeup. Makeup is just another form of art and another way to express who you are as an individual. Everyone is beautiful in their own natural way.

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