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Photo Essay: Last team standing

Intramural dodge ball tournament is all fun and games

April 20, 2017

SCCC brought intramural dodgeball to the greenhouse. Intramural sports also known as recreational sports, is organized within a particular institution. Students around campus formed teams to compete in the tournament. There could be eight or more to a team with a coach. Five teams total entered the tournament with the result of baseball winning the tournament.


Keynitra Houston
Freshman Gabriel Nery, gets out first but tries to get out of it by denying ever getting hit. Nery joined the tournament with his tennis teammates. 


Keynitra Houston
Men’s tennis Ngoni Makambwa attempts to get Freshman Briana Domino out. Domino uses her volleyball abilities to avoid taking a blow to the feet.


Keynitra Houston
Women’s volleyball team comes up with a game plan before attacking the opposing team. The team consisted of four volleyball girls and two freshmen boys.


Keynitra Houston
Teammates Briana Domino and Adrian Gum, change up their tactics a little, double teaming opposing team member Alex Mosehle.


Freshman Tabor Johns, tries to keep his team in the game. Sophomore Ngoni Makambwa, launches an attack to get Johns, the last player standing out to win the game for his team.


Keynitra Houston
Freshmen Owen Martin and Sophomore Cody Stineman, speed the game up together to win the game. Baseball dominated the tournament winning back to back.

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