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Graduates plan their future after Seward

May 5, 2017

Abner Reyes-Sosa
Abner Reyes-Sosa is a Diesel Tech major. “I chose Diesel Tech, because I’ve liked it since I was a kid. I enjoy working on heavy duty stuff. After I finish I’m planning to get a job in my city, Garden City, or Texas.”
Myriam Rubio
Myriam Rubio will continue her college career by taking online classes for Garden city's National American University. She is a Business and Technology major. “Ot's very affordable and it's both online and on campus. The instructor has helped me with everything i've needed."
Jason Oyler
Jason Oyler will be attending Washburn Tech to continue his major in Machine Tool Technology. “I choose machine tool technology as my major so I can rebuild engines.”
Keynitra Houston
Keynitra Houston will continue to the Art Institute of Kansas City for Photography and a minor in film making.
Paige Rogers
Paige Rogers will be attending FHSU. Rogers is an Education major. “I chose FHSU since it’s not too expensive, and it’s not as big as K-State.”
Alex Chance
Alex Chance will continue his college career at K-State. Chance will major in Biology. “I chose biology as my major, because I enjoyed my high school biology classes as well as Mr. Hughbanks’ class here at SCCC.”
Vianca Gasca
Vianca Gasca will continue her college career at West Texas A&M. Gasca mentioned that the school is really pretty. “I am majoring in Behavioral Science, because I like to help others out.”
Daniel Pivaral
Daniel Pivaral is a Chemical Engineering major. He will continue his college career at K-State. “I chose K-State, because they have one of the best chemical engineering programs.”
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Graduation is just around the corner. The Commencement Ceremony will be Saturday, May 6 at 10 a.m. SCCC encourages for family and friends to arrive by 9:30 a.m. since the parking lot fills up pretty quickly. There are 401 students graduating this 2017 school year.

There are 179 students receiving Certificates of Completion, 97 receiving an Associate in Applied Science, 128 receiving an Associate in Science, 41 receiving an Associate in Arts and 12 receiving an Associates in General Studies.

After graduating students will go their separate ways looking to start their careers or maybe even take a break. There are many students who are transferring to other schools, students who want to open their own business and students who are ready to search for jobs.

Some students will need to transfer in order to continue their career. After graduating some students are able to start new jobs since they have their certificates and training completed.  



Each student is unique, which is why they find jobs, programs and colleges that fit their future plans the best.

Many sophomores are ready to graduate and transfer to a four-year school. There are 103 students transferring to four-year-universities. Many graduates are still undecided on where to go next, but a lot already have their next step planned out. There are 22 graduates that are undecided and 81 who already know where they are headed next.

Many students decided to stay in Kansas. The top three schools in Kansas that many students will be attending are Kansas State University (K-State), Wichita State University (WSU) and Fort Hays State University (FHSU).

Other students will be attending schools outside of Kansas which include Oklahoma Panhandle State University(OPSU), University of Arkansas and West Texas A&M.

Sophomore Alejandro Norez, majoring in Computer Information, will attend K-State in the fall of 2018. Norez decided to go to K-State because their engineering program is the best in the state and his friends recommended it.

“Computers have always been interesting to me and since technology keeps evolving I’m sure I’ll find a good job,” Norez said. Norez will receive an Associate in Applied Science for Welding Technology.


SCCC students are transferring all over the United States. Click on a pin to see who is going  far away or just down the road.


Sophomore Alexis Lopez is a nursing major and plans on staying at Seward County Community College, because “it’s the best nursing program in the area.”

“I love helping people and giving back which is why I chose the medical field,” Lopez said.

There will be a Capping / Pinning Ceremony for the Allied Health graduates on Friday 5 from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. It is estimated that there will be 72 prospective graduates from the Allied Health programs.

Education major Mandee Kaylee Saucedo wants to teach Elementary kids.

“I love kids and my mom being a teacher for 22 years made me want to become one even more,” she said.

Saucedo plans on transferring to Newman University in Wichita, because it’s a great program and “they are very friendly.”

Luis Martinez is a sophomore majoring in Art Illustration. There are 41 students who are graduating with an Associates of Arts.

“I am a visual learner,” he explained. “I like to see instead of listening it gets my attention more.”

Martinez plans on transferring to OPSU, because it’s close by and can still stay close to his family. Nine graduates will be transferring to OPSU.

“It also has one-on-one communication with the professor which I really like” Martinez said.



Although many students are staying in Kansas, many are also leaving the state. Students are moving to Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and even Utah.

Sophomore Ciaralena Perez plans to continue studying in Colorado after graduating with an associates degree in Liberal Arts.

“I love to teach, like just explaining things to people,” Perez said. “The University of Colorado – Colorado Springs is somewhere I would like to go, but I want to look for something more close to home.”

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Hover or click photos to see what students plan to do next year.
Yamilex Munoz
Yamilex Munoz will major in Criminal Justice at OPSU - “I am going into this area to help stop unlawful people and help the community be safer place for everyone.”
Delwin Young
Delwin Young will continue onto Penn Valley for basketball opportunities. He is a Sociology major.
Amanda Pereira
Amanda Pereira will go to the University of Mary in North Dakota to study physical therapy. “I got an offer to play volleyball, and it’s a good program with a good educational system.”
Adrian Gum
Freshman Adrian Gum is transferring to K-State. “My dad has a house there and my siblings are also going to there as well, so I figured why not.”
Jonathan Del Val
Freshman Jonathan Del Val will transfer to West Texas A&M. “I am transferring, because I will be playing on their soccer team next semester. They also have a good marketing program.” He will major in Marketing.
Maria Nunez
Maria Nunez will be transferring to West Texas A&M and major in Psychology. “I chose to transfer to WTAMU because I like the school and I also like the environment.”
Diamond Ward
Diamond Ward will be transferring to FHSU. She is a Radiology major. “I am transferring to FHSU to continue my education in medical science. My ultimate goal is the become a radiation therapist.”
Julio Esquivel
Julio Esquivel is majoring in Biology with a Biomedical Emphasis. He will go to Southwestern Oklahoma State University. “I had to visit doctors frequently for my scoliosis and after my lumbar fusion surgery the doctors were always very compassionate and happy. Their happiness made me want to get in the medical field.”
Ernest Carter
Ernest Carter is a Physical Education major and will transfer to Kansas Wesleyan. “I got recruited to play basketball and further my education at Kansas Wesleyan.”
Kenny Holmes
Kenny Holmes will move to Stillwater, Oklahoma. “I went out for HVAC because I wanted to try something new in my life.”
Abraham Cortez
Abraham Cortez will be continuing his career in Diesel Tech in Amarillo, Texas. “I started working at a diesel shop my freshman year of high school as a helper and started liking what I was helping out with.”
Belissa Guidotti
Belissa Guidotti will continue her volleyball career at a university in Little Rock, Ark. “I chose Chemistry as my major, because I want to be a pharmacist.”
Dane Friederich
Dane Friederich chose WSU because it’s the only school in the area his degree. “I am a Sports Management major because it’s the best combination of sports and business.”
Diego Becerril
Diego Becerril is majoring in Drafting and Design. “The reason I chose this major is because I like to create, redesign or make random ideas.”
Mario Cardenas
Mario Cardenas will continue his college career at WSU as a Business major. “Wichita State has a good business program and has a high success rate of jobs after graduating.”
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez will continue to work and save up money. “After one year of working I will transfer to OPSU. I picked OPSU because of the proximity and good art major. I’d be able to make illustrations as an Art major which will also help me work with computers.”
Perla Camacho
Perla Camacho is transferring to FHSU. She is majoring in Math. “There’s better opportunities for me at FHSU and it’s the #1 education college. It’s also closer to home.”
Pierre Johnson
Freshman Pierre Johnson will continue to either Odessa, Texas or South Plains and is majoring in Business. “Due to the coaching change at Seward, I am transferring to another college to continue my career in basketball.”


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