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Arturo DonJuan

Angel Meza

Arturo DonJuan

Liberal- Major: Computer Information Systems

September 22, 2017

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?
“Honestly just a lot of  different artists. Different talent is great because I get to learn different ways on how to play music and stuff like that. There’s a lot of various artists that I really enjoy and I can’t necessarily pick one I really really like cause all of it is just really good talent to me.”

Why did you choose to come to SCCC?
“I live here in Liberal and it was just a better way financially to come here and decide to transfer later on.”

Favorite Song?
“This one song called, A World Divided by Our Last Night. They’re a rock band that i really like a lot so it’s really awesome.”

What is your dream for your future?
“To be able to graduate from Wichita State University with a bachelors in Computer Information Systems and have a job also in my field that I really enjoy. I also just want to play music for the rest of my life kind of like a hobby where people want me to play for them cause they can tell I love and know music.”

Favorite SuperHero?
“Green Lantern because in bowling, my best friend Mario and I always pick our bowling balls. He always called my bowling ball “the Green Lantern” because it was green and shiny.”

What instruments do you play?
“For concert band I play the trombone and outside of concert band, electric base is my main. I also play some guitar and a little bit of drums. I am going to be learning piano and taking singing lessons at some point.”

Year in college?

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