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Freshman Matthew Schmitt enjoys playing his Nintendo DS when he is not working on homework.

Matthew Schmitt

Guymon, Oklahoma - Major: Computer Information Systems

December 6, 2017

Why did you choose SCCC?
“I chose SCCC because it’s very close to home and they have a great computer program.”

Why did you choose computer science?
“I’m very interested in computers and creating ideas to make video games. I’ve been really into video games and computers since a very young age and I hope to get a career that is involved with computers.”

What are your plans after graduating from SCCC?
“I’m planning on attending OPSU for two more years and getting my bachelors in computer information systems.”

What is the career you pursue?
“I hope to become a video game designer. I really want to make video games for a company. In the future, I want people to be buying my video games.”

What are your favorite computer/console games to play?
“My favorite console will always be the Xbox 360. I enjoy playing multiple PC games. My favorite game of all time would be Metroid Prime.”

If you could work with any video game company, who would it be and why?
“I would like to work with Retro Studios because they made my favorite game and they’re located in Texas, which is close to home.”

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