Yesenia Soto

Cesar Castillo

Turpin, Oklahoma- Major: Accounting

January 19, 2018


Why did you come to SCCC?
“I came to Seward because it offers easy classes and its an easygoing campus.”

Where do you plan on going after Seward?
“I plan on transferring to West Texas A&M University to continue my accounting degree.”

Why do you plan on transferring there?
“I plan on transferring to West Texas A&M University because it is cheap for the degree I want to get.”

What do you miss about high school?
“I miss the food from Turpin High School because it was good.”

Year in College:






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Photo of Yesenia Soto
Yesenia Soto, Photographer

Yesenia Soto was born and raised in windy Liberal.  She hopes to be a nurse someday and possibly become a doctor.  When...

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