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Alondra Trevizo

Sophomore Education major, Kemberly Zamora, prepares an outline for an analogy essay.

Kemberly Zamora

Liberal, Kansas-Major: Education

February 22, 2018

Why did you choose education as your major?
“I love children and I want to make a difference in the educational system.”

What are your life dreams?
“I want to someday make educational changes to the school systems. I want to move up in the educational field and change the curriculum. The curriculum is focused on standardized testing and I want it to make it more flexible and hands-on.”

What is your favorite childhood memory? Why?
“When I was three or four, I was running around outside and a frog got on me. I got scared and lifted up my foot so the frog went flying. Now, i have a phobia of frogs.”

Year in college:

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