Alondra Trevizo

Freshman, Jesse Navarrete, plans to transfer to Kansas State University to pursue a degree in architectural engineering.

Jesse Navarrete

Liberal, Kansas- Major: Architectural engineering

February 28, 2018

Why did you choose architectural engineering as your major?
“I chose architectural engineering as my major because I like to build and I feel that I would be really good at it.”

What are your life dreams?
“I want to graduate from K-State and be able to have my dream job or my own company.”

Do you want to build houses or big buildings in the future?
“That’s really debatable but I do want to build my own house someday.”

What is your favorite childhood memory? Why?
“The time I scored my first touchdown in Kids Inc. football. It was almost the whole field so it was really cool.”

Year in college:

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Alondra Trevizo, Club Reporter

Alondra Trevizo was born and raised in Liberal, Kansas. She is 18 years old. Her hobbies include; reading, writing, singing in the shower, and dancing...

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