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Fans used foam swords and hand clappers to cheer on the Lady Saints. The registrar's office Krystal Zimmerman and Alaina Rice rock the dance moves with Celeste Donovan, vice-president of student services.

Fans hype Lady Saints from afar

March 23, 2018

Fans gathered, cheered and enjoyed the Lady Saints basketball game, just like they have done for every other game … but this time, they weren’t in the Greenhouse or even in another school’s gym. They packed the student unions on both the technical and main campus to watch the game via streaming on big screens.

The Lady Saints took on Gulf Coast State College in the Quarterfinals of the Region VI Tournament on Thursday, March 22. While some SCCC fans were able to enjoy the game in Lubbock, Texas, around 130 other fans gathered as a group at home in Liberal to cheer on the team.

Even though tip-off wasn’t until 3 p.m., Lady Saints fans began to gather in the Union early to get the perfect seat in front of the big screen for the even bigger game. Pizza Hut pizza, wings, snacks and drinks were provided to everyone in attendance of the livestream.

The livestream of the game had many students, SCCC staff and community members excited about being able to watch the Lady Saints in action since many were unable to make the long drive to Lubbock.

“I’m really glad that the school was able to livestream the game because I wanted to see the girls play. I want them to win, they really deserve it,” Lashay Johnson, freshman music major, said.

From the moment the game started until the final minutes of the game, fans went crazy. People were cheering, using hand clappers, holding up Saint swords and just shouting for the Lady Saints. Fans would even anticipate open shots taking in a collective breath and then shrug as one when a shot was missed. The crowd was so big and so loud, it was like being at a real game in the Greenhouse.

One Lady Saints fan and retired SCCC employee of 20 years, Virginia Bruce, even took stats for most of the game.

As the game went on, more fans started to pack in. Lots of laughs, groans and conversations filled the union. Each time a Lady Saint would score, the crowd cheered loudly for them. Fans were even shouting at the refs and other team like they were at the game and able to hear them.

The game went by quickly, but fans were still cheering even into the final seconds. Finally, the game ended and the Lady Saints ended their season, losing 79-65 to Gulf Coast State. Fans in attendance of the watch party applauded the Lady Saints just as they would at the end of a game.

Even though the Lady Saints weren’t able to come out with a win on the court, their fans continued to cheer them on and show that they were proud of the success of the season.

“My favorite part of the livestream was just being close to all of the SCCC fans like myself,” Kolton Hodges, sophomore education major.

The Lady Saints ended their season 31-4 overall and for the second season in a year, finished fifth in the country.

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