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Yesenia Soto

Frerichs plans on creating another piece to take with him to an international competition that will be held in Indiana. With more than 2,000 students attending this competition, Frerichs hopes to place in the Top 6.

Metal doesn’t break

SCCC concurrent student excells at metal convention.

April 18, 2018

At Seward County Community College’s technical school, there’s a big workshop with a small door that leads into a classroom. This is where 17- year-old Ethan Frerichs spends most of his time. The dual enrolled high school senior and second year SCCC student has had a love for metals since he was just 10 years old.

It all started when his father introduced him to welding. Since then, he has loved this line of work. He is currently in machine tool technology and plans to continue with metal technology. When talking about metals, Frerichs explained that he liked to use aluminum for its ability to be worked with while he liked steel for the physical attributes it posses.

“I like the process of coming up with an idea and being able to make anything you want,” Frerichs said.  

For the past five years, Frerichs has attended the Regional Student Convention under the Accelerated Christian Education program. This convention was held in Socorro, New Mexico at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. It was Frerichs fifth year attending and his piece, made up of aluminum and steel, grabbed the attention of many, earning him second place overall.



Earning second at the competition was a bittersweet moment for Frerichs.

“I felt more confident than past years. I would’ve liked to get first place since the past years I have only got third, but I am happy to get out of third place,” Frerichs said.

Yesenia Soto
Ethan Frerichs, senior at Fellowship Baptist School, recently competed at the Regional Student Convention, under the Accelerated Christian Education, in Socorro, New Mexico. On Frerichs fifth year attending this convention, he placed second place out of 200 students who attended.

Although his main goal was to earn first, Frerichs was proud of his accomplishment and kept the same mantra: “Don’t beat yourself up for your mistakes.”

This is something that he is constantly reminding himself when he works on a piece.

“I am still pretty new at this and I need time to be able to learn from my mistakes so I can do better,” Frerichs said.

While being a concurrent student is difficult for some, being able to attend high school and college has come easy to Frerichs.

“At Fellowship, you go at your own pace and I had the opportunity to graduate last year but I didn’t feel ready to leave so I stayed,” the Liberal resident said.

As for the college classes, Frerichs said he really liked the program and would recommend anyone to come to Seward. “This is a really good school,” he added.

Not only does Frerichs excel in metals but in school work as well. Butch Garst, metal instructor, called him “an excellent student who is very diligent in his work.”

The blossoming metal worker plans to continue to work on his pieces and attend the international convention held at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Students come from all over the world to showcase their metal works. Frerichs said he hopes to just to be able to place in the top six.

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