Free coffee Tuesday is a popular event at the campus bookstore. SCCC students use caffeine to keep up with the busy college life. (Rubi Gallegos)
Free coffee Tuesday is a popular event at the campus bookstore. SCCC students use caffeine to keep up with the busy college life.

Rubi Gallegos

What’s your kick?

SCCC students use caffeine to make it through college

May 3, 2018

Coffee, soda, Red Bull, Monster, various teas, and 5 Hour Energy all have one thing in common: caffeine. Caffeine is known as the “holy grail” of dealing with day-to-day activities and one of its  biggest consumers is college students, including students at Seward County Community College. On campus, there are Kickstarters and Amps in the vending machine and free coffee every Tuesday. Students everywhere can be seen sipping caffeine in its many forms.

Amberley Taylor
Crusader surveyed 100 students on their source, intake and even time they drink caffeine.

Alondra Trevizo, a first year liberal arts major can attest to the usage of Redbull to be able to stay awake in order to study. Having her very own Red Bull fridge, she has at her disposal the very thing that helps her get through a long day.

“I can drink up to two a day but you have to space it out so you don’t get a heart attack,” Trevizo said.

There’s no doubt that energy drinks are bad for you. There has been many deaths caused by the consumption of energy drinks, but that doesn’t stop people from drinking them. Trevizo’s family has taken away her Red Bull refrigerator but she states that she still keeps a pack under her bed.

“My parents treat Red Bull the same way as cocaine,” Trevizo said.  

Not all students drink energy drinks for their source of caffeine. Marissa Morales, a first year visual arts major, limits her caffeine intake to one cup of coffee a day.

“According to my calculations, kids with loads of debt drown themselves in caffeine in order to stay alive and recognize that they still exist,” Morales said.

Some students see pop as a part of everyday life. Madison Hall, a first year biology major, sees caffeine as a necessity to be able to deal with everyday life.

“I drink about two cups of Mountain Dew a day which in a week adds up to two liters and i’ve tried to quit a couple of times but when I do I get really sick because my body is so used to it,” Hall expressed.

A cup of coffee isn’t bad and it seems that a habit brews when you drink a cup every morning. It puts the brain to work. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain, prompts for the feeling of pleasure and mimics drugs like heroin and cocaine.

When coffee is taken daily, the body gets used to it and when you stop consuming caffeine, caffeine withdrawal happens. Some of the symptoms include headaches and the shakes. Drinking more than recommended can lead to a risk of heart disease and an increase of anxiety and depression.

Everyone needs a boost of energy from time to time, but there are alternative methods. Green tea makes a good substitute, but sometimes college students need more. Until each student finds an alternative way to make it through the busy college life, caffeine will always be “the kick.”

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