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Voter’s Guide: Kansas midterm general election

Know the candidates ... know the issues.

October 24, 2018

This voter’s guide to the general election will give information on candidates running for a state office. The Kansas Midterm General Election will take place on Nov. 6 with polls opening in most places by 7 a.m. and closing at 7 p.m..

When you go to vote, take a photo ID. You can take a current driver’s license, non-driver ID card, concealed carry license, U.S. passport, government employee ID, U.S. military ID, Kansas college ID, government public assistance ID, or American-Indian tribe ID.

Scroll down or click on the name to go directly to the state office and its candidates: Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Attorney General and Commissioner of Insurance.


Secretary of State

Rob Hodgkinson (Libertarian)

Secure and open elections
The goal is to increase voter registration and participation. It is important to incorporate technology into a more digital world.

Transparency of Government
The government will be held accountable and and should include audits in both federal and state governments when it comes to elections.



Brian “Bam” McClendon (Democrat)

Business, Jobs & Innovation
As a VP of engineering at Google, BAM was a manager of multinational teams numbering in the thousands. He’s a serial founder, an inventor, an investor, an advisor and a board member. He understands business because he’s built businesses and because he’s helped others to build their businesses too. Starting a business is hard enough, the State of Kansas shouldn’t make it any harder.

Elections & Voting
BAM believes that being in charge of elections is suppose to be about creating a secure and accessible voting process. It’s supposed to be about increasing the number of citizens registered to vote and participating in elections. It’s suppose to be about promoting a nonpartisan understanding of the candidates and issues in question. That’s why BAM co-founded the non-profit and that’s why he’s running for Secretary of State.

Scott Schwab (Republican)

Kansas has undergone several important election policy changes in recent years. This includes Voter ID, Proof of Citizenship requirements, and moving of local elections to the fall with a longer cycle between the primary and general elections.  Now, as Secretary of State, it is incumbent to be excellent in the execution of that policy.

People and pundits often complain about outside “influences” in elections. The Kansas Legislature has taken large steps to protect our elections in Kansas. As Secretary of State, we will leverage that policy to make sure the results are true. The result may not be liked, but it will be a result everyone can trust in.

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State Treasurer

Marci Francisco (Democrat)

Treasury Management
As Kansas State Treasurer, Marci will ensure all Kansas taxpayer funds are properly accounted for, effectively invested, and adequately protected. She will review cash management structures and, where necessary and possible, streamline procedures to ensure proper levels of liquidity. Marci will ensure every Kansas dollar is effectively invested to increase taxpayer returns.





Jake LaTurner (Republican)

Claim unclaimed property
Turner’s main focus is to work on helping citizens get their unclaimed property.

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Attorney General

Sarah G. Swain (Democrat)

Equal Justice
Swain plans to work hard to ensure equal justice for all Kansans. She will work with state and local governments to provide oversight, accountability, and transparency, in all cases. She plans to prosecute anyone who violates the law or a person’s constitutional protections, whether they are a government official or not.

Ending Cannabis Prohibition
Swain supports the decriminalization or legalization of cannabis and hemp agriculture. Kansas needs a common-sense approach to licensing and regulation of cannabis agriculture, manufacturing, testing, distribution and compliance. She plans to work with the legislature, state and local governments agencies, including law enforcement, business, farmers, industry leaders, the medical community, educators and most importantly all Kansans to ensure that Kansas is protected from Federal overreach via the 10th Amendment, end the war on drugs and ensure a safe marketSh She plans to work hard to allow sick Kansans access to both CBD and legal cannabis.

Derek Schmidt (Republican)

Human Trafficking
Helping lead the Kansas fight against human trafficking. Since 2011, Kansas has improved to an “A” from an “F” for combating human trafficking according to a respected international organization.

Crimes against Children
Fighting crimes against children. Attorney General Schmidt led the effort to establish the Child Victims Unit and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Since 2011, the Attorney General’s Office has made prosecution of the sexual abuse of children, and child-victim homicides, a priority.

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Commissioner of Insurance

Nathaniel McLaughlin 

All Kansans should have access to affordable health insurance.
McLaughin has decades-long experience in the healthcare industry, resulting in an up-close view of the incredible problems Kansans are dealing with related to the enormous cost of health insurance. Through hard work and dedication, McLaughlin rose through the ranks of the private sector to oversee Sodexo Healthcare Services’ $33 million health care operations in eight states across the Midwest. He believes that all Kansans should have access to affordable health insurance.


Vicki Schmidt

All Kansans should have access to affordable health insurance.

As a senator, Schmidt fought to protect Medicare for Kansas seniors and voted to ensure Kansas families could count on insurance companies to cover the critical treatments needed for children diagnosed with autism. Working as a pharmacist, Vicki deals with Kansans health insurance problems every day.  She sees first-hand the effect rising healthcare costs have on our families and seniors. Vicki knows that on the journey of life there are challenges, but insurance shouldn’t be one.

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