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Voter’s guide: Kansas Governor Candidates

October 24, 2018

The Kansas governor’s race is close according to statewide polls. Votes count when the race is this close. Use this guide to learn more about the candidates and about their key issues. The midterm election is Nov. 6 and most polls open by 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m..

When you go to vote, take a photo ID. You can take a current driver’s license, non-driver ID card, concealed carry license, U.S. passport, government employee ID, U.S. military ID, Kansas college ID, government public assistance ID, or American-Indian tribe ID.



Kris Kobach (Republican)

Lt. Governor: Willis Hartman
He wants to lower taxes, lower regulation policies to give power to entrepreneurs and job creators to ring high paying vocational education programs that Kansas has a skilled labor force.

He supports public education. We must focus on connecting students to good careers as governor he will direct more of the tax dollars sent to schools for classroom like teacher pay, books, computers.

End in state tuition for illegal aliens, stop providing welfare benefits to illegal aliens, end sanctuary cities and counties in Kansas and require recipients of Kansas government contracts to use E-verify

Second Amendment
Self-defense is one of our most basic human rights. Put restriction on guns not take them away.

Kobach will do everything in his power to protect a human life from birth until natural death



Laura Kelly (Democrat)

Lt. Governor: Lynn Rogers

Invest in childhood programs thats support their children and families. 
Improve student mental health.

Invest in the workforce.
partnerships between high schools and technical schools.

Second Amendment
In favor of tightening restrictions including banning guns on state college campuses.

In favor of women reproductive rights. Shouldn’t be decided by a room full of men.

In favor of a path to citizenship for DACA recipients.



Jeff Caldwell (Libertarian)

Lt. Governor: Mary Gerlt

No Sales Tax on Food or Water
Kansas has some of the highest sales tax on food in the nation is a burden on everyone. It’s time to get rid of sales tax on food and water!

The Kansas Gas Tax is too Damn High
Kansans are currently taxed 24.03 cents per gallon. We need to reduce the Gas Tax in Kansas!

Legalize Cannabis and Hemp to Help Fund Schools and Roads
It’s time to legalize cannabis and hemp to fund schools and roads.

Tax Cuts to Farmers, Ranchers and Everyone Working to Conserve the Ogallala Aquifer
The Ogallala Aquifer is the largest aquifer in the United States.Kansas should reward people for implementing technology and trying to conserve the Ogallala Aquifer. Learn more about the Ogallala Aquifer.

Work with Governors in the Region to Abolish Daylight Saving Time
Studies link Daylight Saving Time to an increase in health problems. The overall rate for strokes increases 8% within the two days following Daylight Saving Time.


Greg Orman (Independent)

Lt. Governor: John Doll

Second amendment
Increase background checks on guns. Believes that if you are mentally ill, committed a crime, sentenced to more than 1 year in prison, dishonorably discharged of the military or subject of domestic abuse you should not have a gun. Raise the legal age to 21

Expand medicare veto any efforts to take it away from Kansas

Understands pro lifers but is not willing to make it harder for women to get access to contraceptives and healthcare.

Orman will have illegal immigrants register with the government, pay a fine or do community service. He will require them to hold down a job, pay taxes and obey the law. He will also increase border control

It’s the government job to create job growth



Rick Kloos (Independent)

Lt. Governor: Nate Kloos

Education Policy
Kloos wants to restore value and respect back to our education system.He wants to bring a greater unity between the state and education system.

On the issue of Marijuana, Kloos is  in favor of a statewide decriminalization effort, but not a full legalization. He believes options should be explored concerning the use of marijuana in medical and end-of-life care.

Advocate of Life
Kloos believes that life begins at conception and ends at natural death.

Second Amendment
Kloos believe all law-abiding citizens should be able to bear arms for hunting, sport and personal protection. As a part of keeping our communities safe, he wants to promote more educational programs to implementthe use of a sidearm.

The phrase Keep Kansas Home is meant to embrace everyone. Kloos wants Kansas to be a place of diversity. hHe believe it is our responsibility to keep our state safe for everyone and the borders to be strongly secure but he also believes in the importance of family and supports finding more efficient pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and keeping families safely together.


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