This certain dish is called a “gringa” The type of tortilla to use for this certain dish is a flour tortilla. The “gringa” consists of any type of meat of your choice and mozzarella, lettuce, tomato and avocado. (Rubi Gallegos)
This certain dish is called a “gringa” The type of tortilla to use for this certain dish is a flour tortilla. The “gringa” consists of any type of meat of your choice and mozzarella, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Rubi Gallegos

Taco Truck Tour

Where can you find the best cheap tacos?

December 3, 2018

As college students, we know that fast food is the easiest way to fuel up on carbs and calories between classes, which is certainly necessary to have energy for tests and busy schedules, especially within the next few weeks.  We also know that everyone loves tacos, they can’t be hated and everyone knows what makes a good taco. The Crusader News staff went out and made it our mission to find the best tacos around Liberal to see which taco truck could give you the best taco meal for $5.

Click on the map to see what taco trucks Crusader tried and how to get there. Scroll on down to see the food reviews or click on the name here:El Pastorcito and Las Delicias or Azteca and Chilangolandia


El Pastorcito and Las Delicias


Michelle Mattich

At las delicias, a taco plate is $6 and comes with five tacos, salsa and limon.

The first truck we hit was El Pastorcito, where we ordered 5 tacos of carne asada. These tacos came with avocado slices as toppings but not onions or cilantro, which we had asked for on the side but didn’t end up getting. They gave us lemon and sauces though, to add if we liked.

The taste of these tacos were good, they had a good home made taste to them and good seasoning like carne asada should be. They were greasy but juicy and not dry! The tortilla was perfect, they wrapped them with two small tortillas which were warm and also not dry. The avocado added an extra flavor that I don’t usually add, but we loved it! The lemon and sauces added extra flavoring as well, which I recommend.

We got this plate for $5.00, that means each taco would be a dollar. This is a perfect go-to option if you’re trying to stay on a budget or spend less than $10.00.



Next, we stopped by Las Delicias taco truck on pancake. There, we ordered one plate of 5 tacos de pastor. These tacos came with onion and cilantro with green and red sauce. These tacos are my favorite classic tacos to get at any taco truck, but here we were a tad bit disappointed.

The meat needed a bit more seasoning. The tortilla was also not as moist as the other taco trucks tortillas and as Anastasia describes it, “they were hard to swallow.” I enjoyed them with the sauce and toppings but I do believe the meat could have been more tasteful.

This plate was $5.00 as well, which also makes each taco a dollar. Both places are budget friendly and under $10.00.

So the winner of this taco competition would be El Pastorcito. Their tacos are the better of the two that we tried and are not so hard to swallow! I would recommend going there for your lunch or study break throughout your schedule or if you just wanna go and try tacos for fun!


Azteca and Chilangolandia


Rubi Gallegos

Most tacos have onion and cilantro to top it off. This plate of tacos was $6.25 along with six salsas and two limes. For the tortillas, instead of putting butter they put lard to make the tortillas softer and lard gives the tortilla a pork taste.

We went to Azteca Taco truck which is located at 55-99 W 7th St, Liberal, KS 67901. The truck is a warm orange color with a colorful menu. We ordered a mixto taco dinner.

This plate had different types of tacos such as Al Pastor, Barbacoa, Asada, and Lengua. It came with one side of green salsa and a lime. The plate was $6

At a glance the plate was simple but with that first bite, it was soft and full of flavor. The barbacoa taco is not something that is taken lightly. Only certain people can make it and Azteca proved to be one of the best.

Rubi Gallegos
This was the mix plate of tacos which was one of their many delicious food options they offer. This plate had 5 different meats which were: Asada, barbacoa, tripes and al pastor. This plate came with one green salsa and one lime and the total price of this plate was $6.00

The meat was seasoned perfectly and it went well together with the lime and salsa. Overall it was the best tacos out of the two contenders.

The second location was Chilangolandia which is located at 527 S Kansas ave Liberal, Kansas 67901. The bright red truck is sure to catch you attention especially with the name.

This Taco dinner plate was also mixtos and it came with a variety of salsas, six in total. Red and green salsas were given. This plate was $6.25

The plate was a little bit more interesting as the tacos took up more space and each tacos was a different kind of meat. There were more lime slices and the presence of the cilantro and the onions give it a nice look.

At the first bite of the barbacoa taco was soft but salty. Even with the salsa the salty flavor was too overpowering. It was a bit disappointing but it was still edible. For the price it made Azteca look better and it tasted better too.

Overall it was fun and eating tacos is a no brainer. In the end we decided that Azteca won best tacos because the flavors were just perfect and it makes for a better taco.

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