Hegel Augustin

Queens, New York - Sports medicine

January 25, 2019

What is your name?
“Hegel Augustine.”

Rubi Gallegos
Hegel Augustine is from Queens, New York. His dream has always been to play in the NBA.

Where are you from?
“Queens, New York.”

What is your major?
“Sports medicine.”

What year in college are you in?

What brought you to Seward?
“Basketball, I heard it was a good program, it was basically a shot in the dark.”

When did you start playing Basketball?
“My first team was a city team in the 4th grade”

Is there a lot of competition in a big city like New York?
“There is tons, everybody is just trying to make a name for themselves, you know?”

What are your practical goals involving college and Basketball?
“I am not really sure, just to get better. I want to go to a university, just to get an education for myself.”

What would your dream be without anything stopping you?
“NBA easily, that’s what I’ve always wanted.”


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