Homesickness in the SCCC dorms

Homesickness in the SCCC dorms

The fifth week of school has started at Seward County Community College. Many of the students living in the dorms have adjusted to college life and found their new normal but that doesn’t keep a little homesickness from creeping in. 

Seward has students from many different areas. Some students are from Liberal, some from surrounding towns or states, as well as other countries. A well-known phenomenon for students that are (far) away from home deals with homesickness. Depending on the person, homesickness can occur during Holidays, random moments, or specific situations that feel like home

Some opinions included what makes them feel better or what they do to make Liberal feel more like home. 

One of our students, Sophomore Chiara Matteodo from Saluzzo, Italy, said “I was really only homesick for the first two weeks that I arrived. My homesickness was worse my first semester here but has definitely gotten better. I deal with my homesickness by talking about it with my friends,” 

My homesickness was worse my first semester here but has definitely gotten better.

— Chiara Matteodo

 She is supposed to stay away from home for about 5 months to finish her semester. Matteodo would make Liberal a better place by adding activities and fun places to go with her friends.  

Freshman Luke Quaynor from London, UK said “I miss my food from home. I also miss my friends and family, but I will get to see them again in 9 months,” 

Quaynor would make Liberal better by letting his friends come over to campus and expand Liberal’s size by having more possibilities for going out and have fun. 

Tucker Livermore, a freshman from Canyon, Texas said “I haven’t been homesick yet but driving around listening to music would help me if I was. I do think if Liberal added a Whataburger I would feel more at home.” 

Paris Brienesse, a freshman from Stockholm, Sweden said she feels most homesick on the weekends when her teammates go home and she’s not able to. Brienesse is supposed to stay in Liberal until the summer of 2022. 

“I try to make myself feel better by hanging out with friends or even going to visit my friends’ families on the weekends,” said Brienesse.

Looking at the answers that these international students shared with us, a conclusion can be made that everyone experiences feelings of homesickness every now and then and deals with it in their own way.
Have you been feeling homesick lately? Share your tips in the comments with everyone, maybe you’ll help someone!