Briana Rio-Macias

Liberal, Kansas – Major: Pre-nursing


Roque Reveles-Montelongo

Briana Rio-Macias is a freshman and major in pre-nursing. She was born in Liberal, Kansas and she is 18 years old.

Where are you from? 

I’m from here Liberal, Kansas. 

What is your major? 

My major is pre-nursing. 

Are you living on the campus? 

No, I’m living with my parents. 

What was your freshman experience like? 

It was nerve wracking. I thought I couldn’t find any of my classes. I was lost for like 30 minutes. 

Did you ask students, teachers, or advisors to help you with your classes? How do you find it in your classes? 

I found my classes by asking random students in the hallways that I saw or I went by the welcome desk to ask the admissions where my classes were at. But I got like maps and so I just looked around. 

What is your favorite in class? 

My favorite class has to be my comp class because writing and English is very hard for me since I learned my first language was Spanish. So, I’m trying to translate. Making a transition to English was hard, but I think I’m learning. I’m learning how to become more strict or better in my writing in English. 

What’s it like to be a first-year student here? 

It’s very welcoming and it’s a nice environment. I would say it’s very calm as a first year student. 

 What’s your favorite place on campus? Tell me why? 

My favorite, I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s like this little table over here outside. I would eat my lunch there because I have no one to eat lunch with, but it’s so peaceful there, eating lunch. I felt a little comfortable because I don’t know anyone yet or anything. That’s like my little bubble right there. 

 Where do you like to study after school? 

After Seward, I like to go to WSU or Newman or Dodge, the community college, any college. That would suit me better or like benefit me, so what I’m leaving off my roster. 

Why there?  

I struggle to find other universities or colleges, because I’m not a first year student. My parents didn’t go to college, so I had to figure it all out on my own. So it’s overwhelming, I think my senior year was where I had liked college in Kansas or where I wanted to go.

 Is it easy to get around campus? Why? 

It’s really easy because it’s by letter, the buildings. So it was easier and I think that if it was just one big building with staircases or levels, it would’ve been more complicated. I like how everything is divided on its own. Over there is the auto body diesel building, and then you don’t have to go over for like a PE class. 

 Why did you choose this school? 

Because it had the program that I was interested in. It was closer home and I had family here. I didn’t want to feel alone. 

 What is your least favorite thing about this college?

My least favorite thing about this college is I would say the way that some teachers teach is something that I don’t like. Some teachers do an amazing job at teaching, but some teachers don’t. I think teaching yourself how to learn a subject isn’t the right way of learning. I feel like our instructors or teachers should teach because I have to learn by visual. If I’m given a PowerPoint and you’re just reading through it, I’m not gonna learn anything. I need you to do word problems. I need you to give examples. If not, I don’t know anything when you fail or have to rely on YouTube.

Briana Rio-Macias is enjoying her freshman year.