Scream VI review


Brianna Rich

“Scream VI” is the sixth installment of the “Scream” franchise, and in the movie they have brought past characters that had survived back on the screen. However, characters are not all what they brought back, they also brought back props from the movies before.

The sixth installment in the horror satire franchise, “Scream VI” follows the story of Samantha Carpenter a year after the events of the previous Scream movie. In which Samantha and her friends are hunted down by Ghostface to make a new Stab movie. For those that don’t know Stab is the in movie equivalent to the events of the Scream movies. Besides Samantha, other survivors from the previous movies make their appearance as well. A new legacy character has also made their appearance in this movie as well. In typical fashion just like the rest of the Scream movies this one satirizes the slasher movie genre while being a slasher movie itself. 

The movie itself is definitely geared towards long-time fans of Scream. Besides just characters coming back there are plenty of easter eggs for the hardcore Scream fans to find, like the TV set from the original Scream and the masks from the previous Ghostface killers. Though the over saturation of easter eggs can make the movie seem more like its nostalgia bait. 

However the movie has its own merits. Easter eggs aside, the movie has plenty of unique scenes and kills. As horror movie series go, the further in a serie you go the more intense the action and gore get. This movie is no exception to that rule. The first kill from the real Ghostface is over-the-top gruesome. I can’t go too much into detail, but a fridge is used for some great shock value. Further in the movie there is a scene that uses the group being split on separate trains to build great tension.

Besides the horror and suspense being built there are great moments of comedy sprinkled into the movie as well. Such as recreating a famous scene from the first Scream. My favorite bit of comedy is when Ghostface gets put on hold. The first time it’s ever happened.

Though the movie does have its shortcomings. For being a satire on horror, Scream VI doesn’t make nearly as much commentary on it as is to be expected. They even reference tropes, but does not follow through with them. Plus a few of the characters have flat personalities and feel as if they’re there just to fill in space.

Overall the movie itself has both its good and bad moments. Though the movie is definitely geared towards the more experienced fans of the franchise. While not spectacular, Scream VI is still a solid movie that adds well to the franchise as a whole.