Duo take listeners on a trip through ’80s

MusicRevGoldGoldfrapp is one of the most provocative and innovative bands in the music industry today. Chances are you have no idea who they are, but you have probably heard one of their songs on a commercial or movie. After keeping fans waiting for two years, the duo, made up by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, released their fifth album “Head First.”  The album, inspired by the new wave music of the ’80s, includes many things one would expect from Goldfrapp, ethereal soundscapes and Alison’s cool voice giving every song a haunting feeling. The first single from the album is the catchy and uplifting “Rocket,” which is probably the best song on the album. There are nine songs on the album, so it is easier to say that I did not like “Shiny and Warm” as it sounded like it was trying too hard to fit in with the rest of the album. An ode to some of the bad music from the ‘80s perhaps? Other songs that are definitely worth note are “Believer,” “I Wanna Life,” and “Voicethinking.” The duo reinvent themselves with the release of every album, going from glam rock to sounds inspired by nature and paganism. This album may offset some fans who enjoyed their previous albums. I was so excited to listen to the album but was quickly disappointed with the end result. Everything sounded exactly the same the first time through. It was when I decided to give some of the songs another try, I really started to appreciate the album as a whole. Maybe I felt the need to feel uplifted by great ‘80s inspired music. The songs are cheesy and totally ‘80s but in the best way possible. The album may not be for everybody, but it is worth checking out or looking up some of their work from the past decade.