How to write a thank-you note to donors


Brianna Rich

It is always good to write a thank you letter after receiving a scholarship. Writing a thank you letter will show the donor how grateful you are to receive their scholarship.

Victoria Martins, Reporter

Have you ever gotten a scholarship – of any amount? It feels good, doesn’t it? Knowing that someone is generous enough to give out money to support your education is great and the least you could do to show them you are appreciative is to send a thank-you note.

If you are around campus, you might have noticed some flyers or even a few teachers might have emailed you reminding you to send a thank-you note if you received a scholarship from Seward County Community College.

The thank-you note will remind them why they gave that money away in the first place, it will also show that the scholarship was important to you, and come on, there is nothing as simple as writing a thank-you note, right? Well, some of you might have answered “no” to that question – don’t worry, Crusader News is going to help you write a thank-you note. 

Here are five steps on how to write your thank-you note: 

1) Address the person with a proper salutation. If your scholarship donor is a specific person, address him or her with an appropriate title, for example: “Dear Mr/Mrs. Lastname”. If your scholarship donor is a department or an organization, you would just use the name of that department.

2) State the purpose of your letter/thank-you note. Let the recipient know why you are writing. Example: “The reason why I am writing is to thank you for your generous $1000 Ambassador Scholarship. I was super excited to know that I was selected to be the recipient of your scholarship”. 

3) Share something about yourself and explain why the scholarship is important. For example, you can mention your major and future plans as well as how this scholarship will help you achieve your goals. 

4) Express your gratitude and thank them again. You could write: “It is an honor to be the recipient of the Ambassador Scholarship, thank you so much for your generosity. 

5) Choose a proper closing. Some examples are “sincerely” or “gratefully” and add your signature right below that. 

After you complete those five steps, it is time for you to proofread your note. If you see that everything is spelled correctly and makes sense you should be good to drop your thank you note at the Receptionist Desk or at the Foundation Office (above the bookstore).