Suggestions offered for student safety on campus

Security is an important part of Seward County Community College, from the 24- hour security guards to emergency phones located in classrooms. If students find themselves in need of security officers, there are a couple of ways to contact them. Anyone can call the 24-hour security number at (620) 629-0670 or call Virginia Bruce at (620) 624-1951.
However, if students find themselves in need of immediate help, they can call 911 from their cell phone, the emergency phones in the classrooms, or by locating one of the red emergency phones located in campus buildings. As for keeping the student body safe while on campus, safety and security supervisor Kelly Campbell suggests students need to keep their dorm rooms, suite mates’ bathroom doors and cars locked at all times and keep their valuables with them when switching between classes.
If students find that something is missing from their personal belongings, they will need to fill out a report Campbell’s office by the Wellness Center and then security personnel will begin an investigation.
Approximately 100 security cameras located around campus are in place to help catch images of incidents. Students are encouraged to sign up for the RAVE Alert system which will notify all students by email and text message of emergency problems on campus or weather situations.
For information about the RAVE Alert system, enrolled students should sign in to the MyCampus portal at or talk to the Dean of Students, Celeste Donovan.