Band, Choir perform at Christmas concert

The music department at Seward County Community College performed Dec. 7 for their end of the semester concert. The band and choir played before a packed audience. Christmas favorites, as well as some new musical selections were on tap.

Rubi Gallegos
The concert band practiced plays Christmas music for their last concert of the semester. The musicians spent an entire semester learning a “level five” piece that quickly became their favorite, despite it being the hardest music to play.
Rubi Gallegos
Meadowlark Elementary School’s Choir and the SCCC Choir perform a song together. This is the first year for the elementary school to have a choir. The college choir will go to their choir concert later in the week to perform as well. The two groups sang a KiSwahili song that included actions and rhythm.
Obadiah Barnett, sophomore music major, plays a solo at the beginning of “A Cambridge Carol” by Vince Gassi. Barnett learned to play percussion just for concert band because they didn’t have enough in that section.