Quarantunes: Songs you need during self-isolation


Maggie Ibarra

Tired of being stuck in your room and in self-isolation? Pull up Crusader’s Spotify playlist and laugh yourself silly with these relevant song selections.

Sleep, eat, do school work, rinse and repeat. During this self- isolation, it’s most likely that you’ll be bored after days and nights of staying home and following the same routine, and what better thing to do than to listen to some music?

Crusader has come up with a playlist of songs that perfectly fit what’s happening around us right now and to lighten the mood a little bit: 

1) U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer

During this pandemic, it’s funny how literal this song can be taken at the moment. If you don’t want to get sick, please stay at least six feet apart from each other. You literally can’t touch this. 

2) Toxic By Britney Spears 

It seems like everything around us is toxic right now. Especially that person who might be hitting you up just a bit extra during this lonely quarantine. Hint: Don’t reply. They might be toxic with the ‘Rona. 

Scroll through this playlist for your self-isolation time.

3) Supalonely By BENEE ft. Gus Dapperton

We’re all supa lonely to be honest during these tough times but maybe doing a quick tik tok dance to this song can cure the boredom. Or listen and have a dance party in the middle of your room is cool, too. 

4) Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer 

This song is so fitting because we are literally waiting on the world to change. We are also waiting on everyone on Snapchat to stop going out and “quarantining” with other people every night at a party. Please stay home if you can. It’s hard but you can make such a big difference if you just stay home.

5) Fever by Elvis Presley

If you’ve got a fever, that may not be a good sign. But if you’ve got a fever for someone else, then keep doin’ your thing. Make sure you’re doing the five steps to stay coronavirus free! 

6) Are You Bored Yet? By Wallows ft. Clairo

I am bored of self-isolation already and I bet you are, too. This cute alternative song will remind you that you might be bored but it’s a good song. 

7) Too Much Time Together by San Cisco

At this point, spending all your time together with family can get you feeling like this song. Space is definitely needed. 

8) The Cure by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was definitely ahead of her time when she wrote this song because we are all wishing for the cure to end this pandemic. Wash your hands and stay inside for the meantime though! 

9) Lonely Weekend by Kacey Musgraves

This one hits differently when you’ve already spent two weeks alone, inside, with nothing but your thoughts and homework. Everyday feels like a lonely weekend to be honest. But if you’ve gone out, then maybe this one isn’t you. 

10) So Sick By Ne-Yo

I’m so sick of this quarantine. And also maybe so sick of love songs, too, but especially so sick of quarantine. If you’re really sick though, take care of yourself and others and stay inside, stay safe. 

Have some great songs come to mind? Let’s have some fun and add them to the comments section. Follow Crusader News’ Spotify account and listen to the rest of this playlist – it’s getting quite long.