Editorial: A goodbye from the editors


Sue Sprenkle

The Crusader News staff from the spring semester left to right: Elvis Polvon, Denise Perez, Annette Meza, Preston Burrows, Rebecca Irby and Maggie Ibarra.

As the year comes to an end, we would like to reflect on Seward County Community College as a collective. Although many students’ first or last year was cut short due to COVID-19, there are still many things that made 2019-2020 a memorable year. 

As editors of Crusader News, we were privileged to be connected with the student body in many ways through our stories and theirs. Reporting on what the student body had to say was the most important part of our jobs. We experienced many milestones along the way and heard the many pieces of what makes SCCC. 

SCCC as a collective had a successful year. It was a year of wins for many sports and clubs. The men’s singles and doubles tennis teams had the opportunity to go to nationals, the women’s volleyball team attended nationals and Phi beta Lambda qualified to go to nationals this summer. Unfortunately, the women’s basketball team did not have the chance to compete but would have gone if COVID-19 did not take away that opportunity. 

Crusader News was able to win two awards as well and go to nationals. At nationals, Crusader News won the Pinnacle Award for best website for two year schools. At state, Crusader News won best website for two year schools at the Kansas Collegiate Media conference again this year. These awards were an honor because it showed how well SCCC was represented through student’s stories and our staff’s hard work. 

As editors, we are proud to have been able to lead the class and do so by guiding our peers in the right direction. We both grew from reporters knowing little to nothing about journalism, to a team of editors that always put in our best effort for the representation of the paper and school. 

We’ll deeply miss Crusader News and a legacy of award winning journalism and leadership. 

As we leave Crusader News behind, we take the memories that we made in the classrooms and hallways of SCCC with us. There was never a dull moment in the lab. 

We would like to thank the endless support from students and staff, as your recognition is what made this fulfilling. Especially from our instructor, Sue Sprenkle, who gave us enough tough love to become great.

Crusader News and the college gave us the opportunity to both grow as journalists and continue onto the next step of our life, whatever that might be. 

Forever telling your stories- 

Editors of 2020