Photo Essay: Students move into SLC, settle into college life

Carts were packed high with everything from mini-refrigerators to X-Boxes on Saturday as students moved into the Student Living Center (SLC). Parents, family and friends helped pack in the loads of clothes, food and school supplies. This was the beginning of welcome week at SCCC.

Megan Daves, Elkhart student, rolls in a laundry basket filled with clothes, towels and anything else she could stuff in it. The SLC opened for students on Saturday. (Brianna Rich)
Javier Victoria, Guymon, Oklahoma, simply grabbed clothes out of his closet at home and transferred them via hangers to his new dorm room at the SLC. This saved time “unpacking” and made for easy storage in his car. (Brianna Rich)
Chance Helton, Iowa Park, Texas, managed to get most of the stuff from his car loaded onto one cart. The stacking and balancing took a little trial and error but nothing fell off. (Brianna Rich)
Traveling all of the way from Phoenix, Arizona, Ashanti Thompson said she was glad to finally make it to the SLC. Living 13-hours from home makes it really important to settle in to the dorm room and make it feel “homey.” (Brianna Rich)
The hard part isn’t bringing it stuff from the parking lot to the room, it’s the unpacking and making the room feel like “home.” Kira Johnson, Elkhart, starts the process by finding a place for her clothes. (Brianna Rich)
After unpacking, students and their families joined faculty and staff for a “Welcome” picnic behind the SLC. Food was provided by Great Western Dining. (Courtesy Photo by SCCC PR )