Students can claim ‘easy money’

It is not too late to receive free money, just talk to financial aid! 

Less than half of Seward County College students have not even filled out the form to receive the funds. The notifications went to students’ personal email.

The American Rescue Act has provided emergency relief funds to Seward County Community College students. These funds can be applied to bills owed for previous classes or a check can be written out to the student for future semesters. 

Brianna Rich

Students are qualified for these funds if they are enrolled in more than three credit hours by Sep. 7 and this applies to online, high school, international and traditional on-campus students. The email containing this information was sent out on Sep. 7 to all on file personal student emails by Amy Bridenstine, director of financial aid services. 

Applying for these funds can be as easy as checking your email, both student and personal. Emails were sent out to all qualifying students with an attached form to fill out. This form contained simple questions like your name and address as well as if these funds would be used for an outstanding balance or for future semesters. 

“Simply click the link in the email to complete the form and get you some money to help you out,” said Bridenstine. 

Once the form is filled out by all qualifying students the financial aid office will review and email whether the funds have been applied to the previous semester’s balances or a check is ready for the student. 

At this moment only 43% of students have completed this form to accept the funds. It is not too late for the rest of the students to fill out this form and receive financial aid. The highest amount awarded can be up to $1,575 for the Fall 2021 semester. 

If you have any questions or have not received your email please contact the Financial Aid office at [email protected] or call at (620) 417-1111.