The Steps Challenge 2.0 pushes SCCC staff to their feet

Would the average person be able to guess the amount of steps they take daily? Many people spend most of their time on their feet either walking, standing up, or doing activities that require movement.

About 50 staff members at Seward County Community College gathered, stepped around town and competed in The Step Challenge 2.0. The Step Challenge 2.0 is an event where people from all walks of life and similar departments of work have maintained a daily routine of staying on their feet in order to advance in this competition.

The twelve teams were made up of employees from all different departments on campus. Each team consisted of two people who would collectively count their steps each week. This event started off with a Round Robin, which was from Oct. 3 to Oct. 23, and lasted a week long each round.

The Round Robin was meant to provide the top four teams which would advance to the championship bracket. A fun fact about this Step Challenge 2.0 is that it was an event only open to staff, meaning students had not heard about it until now.

According to Danielle M. Sanchez, floor manager of The Wellness Center and pool, there is always an annual event being processed at SCCC with the intention to overall better and focus on our health. The purpose of these events is to bring everyone together, build relationships with new people and to overall showcase the opportunities also available to students at the college.

Sanchez believes that little things matter, meaning she is always looking for ways to be better in every aspect of life. By bringing up such a simple idea with such deep meaning, Sanchez finds ways to bring the community together and create a type of togetherness no matter the situation.

“It was just something I wanted to keep to the facility and staff here just to involve them a little more,” states Sanchez.

Along with physical motives, having a reason to want to be on their feet for any longer than needed is something that some participants have to dig deep to find. Some people may just look at this event as a personal challenge or goal, while others may just be involved, to be involved. Either way, the purpose of The Step Challenge 2.0 can be seen differently by every individual.

Madalen H. Day and Teresa J. Troutner are two individuals who competed in the event as the team Add Em’ Up. They made it as far as the championship round and ended up taking second place to Paul Fisher and Bree Downs from team Step It Up. Overall, Day and Troutner are very competitive people that enjoy being active and use those characteristics to their benefit in the Step Challenge 2.0.

“Eventually we decided, one week we’re gonna get 15,000 steps a week.” states Madalen H. Day, Dean of Finance and Operations.

Events like this will continue to be organized for students and staff at Seward County Community College along with countless opportunities available to people on campus.

Ashanti Thompson