Still, quiet hallways make imagination run wild

I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels it. I probably am, but then again that’s the fun part of it, I guess. It’s somewhat kind of fun to walk the halls of this campus at night. I don’t live in the dorms, but I have a night class, and we get out at around 7:30 p.m. for a 15-minute break, and then we go back to work. I kind of just sat down one night in the big hall with all the couches and vending machines in the Hobble building on one of those nights. All the lights that are on in the daytime were still on, but because of the darkness outside the building it just had a different feel to it, as lighting tends to do. I downloaded some of the soundtrack music from “Silent Hill 4, the Room,” onto my iPod and was listening to it while I just sat there. A few students came out of their classes to go to the bathroom, talk on their phones, get a drink or whatever, but after they went back to class it was just me and the music…and the guy who was passed out on one of the couches down by the library. In a way I felt the same eerieness over winter break last December. I think it was the second day of break and I ended up coming back to campus for something. It was in the daytime, but still, the building felt dead. Sure, I still saw people manning their usual stations, but they were few and far between. I saw only a few students, and the majority of them were leaving to go home or do something else. The building felt like a skeleton. Now that I think of it, the experience almost reminds me of a building that was in one of Stephen King’s books. Like a dark gray tomb that swallows you up whole. A subtle sense of uneasiness that stalks you from behind, but not quite threatening. It’s presence isn’t necessarily welcome, but yet it’s fascinating. It’s amazing how much of a difference night and day can make in the feel of a building. Night and day, and the amount of people, or rather lack of. And as strange as it is to say this…I kind of like it. There is something about an eerie building that brings me to life. The church I go to (Church For All Nations) which used to be called Christian Life Center (them good ol’ days) is in the building that used to be LHS. We are not using the building to its fullest capabilities so two-thirds of the building is still in need of repair. Gang-bangers tag the building’s backside, where all the trees and bushes and stuff are growing and go unkempt. So at night, if I get a chance to take a walk around our city block where the church is located, to an extent I get the same rush as when I walk through the halls of this campus at night. Gosh, I love it! But I guess it all comes down to the element of danger and suspense. I know there isn’t a guy with a chainsaw standing around the corner. I know zombies aren’t going to come out of the walls. And I know that I probably won’t be spending the night in a place like that. But it’s one of those creepy things that make me wonder, “What if I did? What if?” Why do our imaginations get excited by those things in these kinds of atmospheres? Sure, the imagination plays a great roll in messing with our heads, but what if there was substance to it? What if there is somebody walking behind me and I don’t see them? Does that “always” mean that it’s not there even if we can’t see it? We can’t see air, but we know it exists…What if there really is a battle being waged for our souls that we can’t see? If science could prove different planes of existence, how much clout would that lend to the theory? We make movies and TV shows of time travel, so what if the supernatural realm wasn’t some ethereal mass of clouds with some lofty light we can’t touch, or a swirling cloud of black darkness? What if it was tangible? “And then Elisha prayed and said, ‘Lord, open his eyes so he may see,’ and the Lord opened the eyes of the servant who stood with Elisha, and he saw the hills before them filled with horses and chariots of fire surrounding him and Elisha.” 2 Kings 6:17