Rave alert was part of emergency drill

Michelle Mattich, Editor

It probably showed up in your email or as a text on your phone: “SCCC Alert: All Clear.   Situation has been resolved and there is no longer an emergency.”

Students came back to school wondering, “What was cleared? There was an emergency? What happened?” What seemed like a cryptic message was actually part of a scheduled emergency drill on Jan. 11. As part of the exercise, a text and an email went out to alert students, faculty and staff. It was a way to make sure everything functioned as it should if there were a real emergency.

Didn’t get the message? Then make sure you sign up for these RAVE alerts via your canvas account: Click on RAVE alert, then sign up via email and/or text.

This alert might have been a drill but it never hurts to be prepared in case of a real emergency on campus.