Ag team completes season in Houston

The Seward County Community College/ Area Technical School Agriculture team had its final contest for the year. They traveled to Houston, Texas, during spring break. The team left Saturday and returned to campus on Thursday. On their way to the contest, the team stopped in a few places to practice their judging before the actual contest. They stopped in Bowling, Texas. Here they practiced judging cattle at the V8 Ranch. They also stopped at College Station, and practiced at Texas A&M. They practiced placing and judging all species, which include sheep, swine, and cattle. Even though the team was going on official business, they still wanted to enjoy spring break. They traveled to Freeport, Texas, and spent a day at the beach enjoying themselves and relaxing from their duties. The contest took place on Wednesday, March 18, at the fair grounds in Houston. Unfortunately, none of the team members placed in the contest, but KayLonni Williams was the one who did the best out of the team. She had the lowest drop of points in the competition from their team. “ Overall it was a good contest. I had a great time and made a lot of good memories and did good for our last contest,” sophomore Stephanie Jones said. The sophomores this year are Williams, Jones, Jett Eder, Sam Rucker and Ryan Imler. They are sad it was their last contest, but overall happy with their year. The Ag. sales for this year will be held here at Seward County Community College/ Area technical School. It will be held on April 10 and 11 at the arena. There will be two swine sales, one lamb sale and one show goat sale during these two days. On Friday, they will host the Block and Bridle Pig Sale. On Saturday, they will have the Winners Only Sale, which will consist of another pig sale, and also a lamb and goat sale as well. Eder is concerned with the effects the economy is having on the agriculture business. “We are not sure how well livestock is going to sell, even though it has not yet affected the agriculture sector yet,” Eder said. The Judging Team will be hosting this years district Future Farmers of America competition on April 8. They will have eight classes of livestock to judge that all FFA and 4-H members will participate on. Schools from the tri-state area will be participating. This event is used to help the kids learn more about judging, and also it is a great way to recruit potential judgers for the team. During the contest, the sophomores will be the official committees and will place classes on the livestock. The freshmen will be group leaders, helping the high school students organize their livestock. Jett Eder mentioned that this event is a fun opportunity to enjoy judging after a long year of tough contests.