Saints fall to Barton Community College


Annette Meza

Cayde Ward, sophomore from Fort Worth, Texas, hits a foul ball. The Saints’ first baseman makes his presence known at the plate in most games.

Michelle Mattich, Managing Editor

Saints took the lead by making the first inning. Benny Ayala from Fort Worth, Texas homered to left field which let Cayde Ward from Fort Worth, Texas score.

Saints quickly fell through as barton stepped to the plate and took the lead. Barton scored their first inning after an error by the third baseman. With this Barton continued to take the innings before having one of their own foul out.

Another error by the third baseman led to Barton taking another inning. By now Barton is leading the game 6-2. With the next two innings under their belt, Barton takes the win and ends the game 8-2. This marks a loss for Seward Saints.

Catch the Saints as they play Claredon Community College here at Seward on April 2. The game starts at 3 p.m.