SCCC hosts its annual Phonathon


Michelle Mattich

Donors can now donate money through the crowdfunding website. This website allows you to track the progress the school makes. Students can make plea videos telling their stories and asking for family and friends to donate to the fund.

Calen Moore, Reporter

The room was completely still, as a young college student reached for their phone. She picked it up and dialed a number. She sat awkwardly as she stumbled over her words. Almost every muscle in her body clenched from the nervousness of calling. She hung up and did it again and again and again.

That is the beauty of a Phon-a-thon—people sit in a room with phones and call strangers, some who are willing to donate and maybe some that aren’t. Seward County Community College students ask for donations that go to the All Saints Fund. The college uses this money for scholarships, grants and also financially enable its students.

“Our goal is to raise $30,000 dollars for the All Saints Fund. This Fund acts as a wishlist that helps students thrive not survive,” Chandler Kirkhart, Associate Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Engagement said.

It’s 2019 and we are getting with the times. We wanted a digital version of donations so we could meet the newer generation

— Chandler Kirkhart

The phon-a-thon is not only for the students but it is executed by them, too. Students in all clubs and athletics ask strangers, family, and friends to donate and invest in the SCCC clubs and organizations that shape lives.

This year is a little different from other years because instead of relying just on phone calls, the Phon-a-thon is going digital. Now, the ability to donate as well as ask for donations can be done through social media like Facebook and Twitter, text, email or any public social communications platform. Students can also make their own personal plea, which is a short video describing who they are and why the public should donate to the fun, which then can be uploaded to the donation website.

 “I had one student even post on their gaming message board to receive donations,” Kirkhart added.

This new way of digital donations takes the awkwardness out of talking to strangers, however, the traditional phone calls are still being utilized.

“We want to be a hybrid of traditional and new age and gradually add value to the process,” Kirkhart said.

As students text and post on social media feeds, some still made phone calls the old fashion way and talked to people.

“For my first phone call I called my mom, it was still awkward because we follow a script,” Nursing major, Molleigh McCormack said. “I think it is cool to do this for future students who need it,” McCormack continued.

The Phon-a-thon is going on until April 14 and all donations are welcome and valued, even if the phone call is a little awkward.

“Just be confident, it’s okay if they say no, the only other option is them saying yes and donating,” McCormack said.