Vapers avoid faulty cartridges

Some students think flavored vapes should remain legal


Monica Gonzalez

As of Oct. 2, there have been 17 deaths in the U.S. due to vaping. However, studies show that most of these deaths are caused by Vitamin E acetate oil that is being added to THC cartridges.

Donald Trump has put his foot down and is trying to ban flavored nicotine vapes and juices. Government agencies and general reports claim that all vaping is bad but students aren’t so sure. 

Genaro Laredo, sophomore diesel tech major, said that while vaping is bad in general and there still isn’t enough evidence to say it’s worse than smoking cigarettes. Yet, all the deaths happening due to vaping are because they are buying black market juice or “making it themselves in a place that is not clean or a safe environment.” 

According to Live Science, the problem is that underage kids are buying cartridges holding THC from the black market. These cartridges are harmful because Vitamin E acetate is being added to the cartridges as a thickening agent. 

Vitamin E is an oil that is derived from natural foods and is not made to inhale. This oil residue has been found in autopsy reports of the people that have died due to this. When the THC oil is burned and inhaled, it leaves a filmy oil layer over the lungs, which can’t be absorbed correctly. Live Science states that as the lungs try to get rid of this oil, it becomes impossible, leading to inflamed lungs.

Monica Gonzalez
When purchasing vape juice, Irvin Gaspar says you should always buy from reputable companies, reputable labs and top notch stores, not from the black market. Buying from the black market can be dangerous for vape users in case any chemicals are added that the buyer may not be aware of.

“I think it’s unfortunate that people are dying but they aren’t searching up what they need to know or the ingredients in the juice, they are misinformed about vaping,” Henry Wiebe, sophomore diesel tech major, said.  

Additionally, movements and protests against vaping and the production of vaping have started as well, causing vape users to be upset. 

“People starting these movements should really put themselves in the shoes of a smoker and if they do ban vapes, people will have to go back to smoking cigarettes, which kill 480 thousand people every year,” Gaspar added. 

The e-cigs that have allegedly been the cause of death have e-juice that contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavoring. These ingredients have not been claimed to be as harmful as Vitamin E acetate, yet. If someone is buying e-juice or would like to, it should be bought from reputable companies, reputable labs and top notch stores, not from the black market. 

“I get my e-juice from great stores that are made in labs where I know the ingredients that are in them, it’s always smart to know what you are buying,” Irvin Gaspar, sophomore HVAC major, said.