Find the positive during COVID-19



It’s easy to get down with all of the news and updates on Coronavirus. Make sure to step back and think positive thoughts for a few moments out of each day.

Maggie Ibarra, Photographer

Since the beginning of the current Coronavirus pandemic, it has noticeably taken the media by storm. The more we scroll online and update ourselves over the virus, the more it can weigh us down. As of today, over 600,000 cases in the United States are confirmed to be positive, making it the most infected country in the world so far. Worldwide, over 900,000 cases are positive. 

However, there have been positive outcomes that have happened throughout the pandemic. Sometimes, one could use that positivity to take a break from the negative. 

1) China shuts down all of their temporary hospitals

On March 10, China shut down all of their temporary hospitals for COVID-19 after their number of new cases were declining. 

A video of doctors from the last hospital celebrating by taking off their masks.

2) Communities, including Liberal, come together to improve the situation

People and organizations all over the world, including Liberal, are stepping up to improve the situation. On March 29 at 8 p.m, the Liberal community and hospital staff came together for a drive in prayer time at Southwest Medical Center. Everyone who participated stayed in their cars and turned on their hazard lights. 

Genesis Family Health and other businesses are working together to help provide for people who don’t have enough supplies in their households. Currently, First United Methodist Church is still accepting drop offs of supplies for those who are in need. For more information, call them at (620)624-8401.

3)Most people with COVID-19 recover.

New studies of the COVID-19 support the fact that most people with the coronavirus recover. As of today, more than 470,000 people had recovered. According to Johns Hopkins University data. Also according to The Hill, “China has seen more than 90 percent of its confirmed infected population recover, with more than 75,000 recoveries out of the more than 82,000 cases.” 

4) A vaccine is being developed as we know it

A vaccine is being developed and tested. In fact, different countries are helping to develop a vaccine for the virus. An article from Haaretz, an Israeli English-language newspaper, states that scientists “have recently had a significant breakthrough in understanding the biological mechanism and qualities of the virus.” The first coronavirus vaccine trial started in the United States. The vaccine is in the making and if testing goes well, “it could still take up to 18 months for any potential vaccine to become available for the public,” BBC News said.

5) 101-year-old Italian man and 103-year-old Chinese woman recovers from Coronavirus

101-year-old Italian man, who goes by the name of “Mr. P,” is one of the people who recovered from the virus, according to CNN. Mr. P was born in 1919 during the Spanish Flu pandemic. Another survivor of the coronavirus was a 103-year-old Chinese woman named Zhang Guangfen. She has become the oldest person to ever overcome the virus.