Saints on the Street: Face mask fashion takes over SCCC


Mary Ramirez

Matt Maturey, help desk support, buys a new Saints mask from Madelyn Sander, bookstore associate. The Saints bookstore ordered masks with the school mascot so staff, faculty and students can show off their school spirit.

Schools around the state have made wearing face masks mandatory anytime you are in class or in the building. That piece of mandated material has now become a fashion item at Seward County Community College. 

Students, staff and faculty show off their individuality and style by donning different colors or designs. Some even have smiley faces, quotes or sports stickers. 

So, how are SCCC students showing off their style?


Mary Ramirez

Jacky Martinez — Nursing

How does your mask define you?

“Well, it might be plain but it shows that I work in a medical field. It helps keep me safe when I am at work that way I won’t be in direct contact with any disease that could potentially harm me or even my kids.”

If you could show off your style through a mask, what would you do?

To be honest I would just wear a simple black mask.”




Anthony Nieto

Daniela Arellano — Dental Hygiene

How does your mask define you?

“Well, everyone always tells me that I have a pink, bright and rosey personality. Personally, I think my mask brings out my bright personality and it makes the color in my eyes pop out more.”

If you could have a mask with a saying on it, what would it be?

“It would definitely be, “Talk louder, I can’t hear you!” because I really can’t hear people. I get tired of saying what a million times a day.”



Mary Ramirez

Priscilla Rocha — Surgical Tech

How does your mask define you? 

“My mask defines me by showing that I’m fast in the things I do. It also shows that I can focus on the things I want to achieve by taking actions in the right moment to achieve them.”

How would you show off your style?

“Honestly I would just get a black mask and put a sentence that says “I’m tired and hungry, so leave me alone.”