A double win for the Lady Saints


Logan Scruggs

The Lady Saints took two wins during the first day of the McCook Invitational Tournament. (file photo)

Seward County Community College took two wins for the first day of the McCook Invitational Tournament. Nationally ranked No. 10 Lady Saints bested Southeast Community College with a score 3-0 and Nationally ranked No.5 Western Nebraska Community College 3-2 on Feb. 5. 

These wins improved the Lady Saints score to a 6-3 overall and a currently four-match win streak.

The first match against Southeast Community College began with Southeast hanging close to the Lady Saints to block their hits but by the end of the first set, the Lady Saints were able to shake off Southeast and take the set. 

In the second set Seward was able to collect points early and took the set with a score of 25-15. The third set was completed with a score of 25-16.

 The win over Southeast improved the score of the Lady Saints to 5-3 for the season. 

In the final match of the evening, Seward faced off against Nationally ranked No.5 Western Nebraska Community College Cougars. 

The first set had the Lady Saints coming in with an aggressive attack which the Cougars were able to resist and win the set with a score of 25-23. 

After the loss of the first set, Seward bought in Ileim Terrero the backup setter who helped lead the Lady Saints to a triumph over Western Nebraska in the second set with a win of 26-24. 

With the Lady Saints’ official setter, Yunju Lee out of the match, the Lady Saints had to adjust which resulted in the loss of the third set.  Looking to win the fourth set, sophomore Ariana Arciniega was brought in to provide the offense that the Lady Saints were in lack of. 

The fourth set was won by the Lady Saints with a score of 25-19. The win of the fourth set but the Lady Saints meant that a fifth set would be played to determine the winner of the match. 

The Cougars were not going to let the Lady Saints take the fifth set and jumped at the opportunity to take an early lead over Seward. 

The Lady Saints were not about to let Western Nebraska take the set just yet and respond with just the same amount of ferocity. The fifth and final set concluded with a kill from Arciniega and a win for the Lady Saints. 

The Lady Saints will have two more matches to conclude the McCook Invitational Tournament on Feb. 6