Ghost terrorizes cosmetology

Jorge the Ghost has a tendency to cause mischief, according to students

There is a spooky situation happening in the Seward County Community College Cosmetology building. In the past four years, they’ve had extra company with their ‘friendly’ ghost Jorge and strange things happening.

Denice Paden, cosmetology instructor, has known Jorge for years now. He tends to show up during her classes.

Many cosmetology students have seen and heard towel dispensers going off randomly throughout the cosmetology building. The students as well as the instructors blame these weird events on the ghost. (Megan Berg )

“Girls would randomly jump or squeal, saying they felt someone breathing down their necks,” says Paden.

From breathing down the necks of students to setting off the towel and germ-x dispenser randomly – Jorge has created several spooky moments at Cosmetology. The major incident that Paden shared was when a nail station fell over after two students had just finished using it. 

Paden says that one of the students involved in the incident was Gladys Amador, a former cosmetology student who always could feel Jorge in the building. Once Amador and her partner left the workstation, it started to slowly fall over. Paden says this was Jorge’s most shocking moment and caused quite a mess. 

Another thing Jorge is known for is slamming the back doors when no one is around them. Paden describes the event as surprising because the doors are heavy and it would take a lot to slam them like he does. Jorge also rustles through things in the back when no one is around so the person that hears it is normally pretty freaked out. 

Myra Hernandez, cosmetology instructor, says Jorge mostly sets off the paper towel dispenser when no one is nearby. Hernandez, for the most part, thinks Jorge is a friendly ghost and she hasn’t really heard anything from him since the start of the new semester. 


All the cosmetology students have heard or had an experience with Jorge. They also all have a different take on if they think Jorge is a ‘friendly’ ghost. Elizabeth Guerrero, cosmetology student, says that once a shampoo bottle randomly flew at a classmate. Guerrero was startled because no one saw who threw it or where the bottle came from. 

Melissa Gonzalez, a first-year cosmetology student from Hugoton, thinks Jorge is a friendly ghost. 

“I do think Jorge is a friendly ghost regardless of the things he’s done. He has also never done anything to me,” says Gonzalez. 

Most cosmetology students shared the same idea that Jorge is a ‘friendly’ ghost, except Andrew Montez, a cosmetology student from Liberal, who thinks Jorge is mischievous. Montez believes that anyone that acts in a similar way to Jorge is not a friendly person. 

Regardless of if one believes Jorge is a ‘friendly’ ghost, he seems to be staying at the cosmetology building for the time being. Jorge has become an added conversational piece for cosmetology students and staff alike with everyone having their own story of Jorge. At the very least, everyone seems to have heard of the ghost and they are all willing to share stories with anyone that walks through the door asking.