Valentine’s day vs the day after


Most people either hate Valentine’s Day or really enjoy it with their significant other. Now it can really be cute and great – if you have someone to spend it with. However, if you are someone who either doesn’t really like to go out or you’re single then this holiday can be not so great and instead, it is just another day.

To couples who have just started their relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a great day for them. They can plan their date together and dress up all cute. Usually, the guy will either make a cute basket with chocolates and stuffed animals or he will bring flowers and a poster asking the usual question, “Will you be my valentine?” Which is really great for whoever he is asking and is pretty cute. 

As the relationship goes on some couples just do not do that anymore because Valentine’s Day to them is really just another day. Don’t get me wrong some might still go on the occasional date. It really just depends on their relationship and how they want to spend the day.

In my relationship, we do not really do the whole Valentine’s Day thing. We normally just treat it as a regular day because the only thing that is different is that there is more candy in the store. Therefore, in my opinion, the day after Valentine’s Day is way better because then you have a bunch of things on sale such as stuffed animals, decorations, candy, flowers, etc. The next day you can always do the same thing as you would for Valentine’s Day. The only difference is that everything is cheaper and it is no longer a romantic holiday.

Just because it is not a romantic holiday does not mean you can not do what you would if it was Valentine’s Day. You can still buy her or him chocolate, flowers or a stuffed animal. Plus if you do it the day after it is cheaper and then you do not have to spend a whole load of money just to prove to someone that you love them.

But if you would like to spend the money and do it on the actual holiday then be my guest everyone has their own opinion. Just talk to your significant other and see what they think. Maybe they would prefer for you to do all of that on the holiday or they would rather spend less and do it on the day after. Choose whatever your heart desires because doing it the day after does not make it any less special than doing it on the actual day.