Donald Trump wins. Why the hate?

Brynn Grieshaber will move to Oklahoma City, Okla. after her time at Seward. She will continue in Strategic Communications in Social Media.

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Donald Trump won the presidential election and yet many seem to hate him. Why?

He wants to reform health care. Everyone complains about healthcare in America and want it changed. Trump was the candidate promising that. But they don’t like him and call him a bully. How does name calling affect the way he’s going to change healthcare for the better?

I think people hate Trump because social media dictates every decision we make now. Kids hate Trump because there’s a meme that says he’s bad. Social media is making society chaotic.

People need to start educating themselves and researching for themselves. They need to listen and hear out what people are about before making a decision. Think of you and your family’s future.

Yes, it’s scary to think what will happen when Trump is president, but it would have been scary for anyone this year. Our country is a mess and would be a challenge for anyone coming into the position.

The fact is, Trump WILL BE our next president.

The country needs to come together now more than ever. We should promote unity not hate.