How to be a Better Roommate


Brynn Grieshaber

Living with multiple people can be challenging.

Brynn Grieshaber, Co-Editor

I didn’t ever think I would end up in a position where I would have to have roommates. But when you end up with a three-bedroom apartment in Liberal, Kans. you kinda run out of options.


My new roommate, Daniela, moving into her room. She has a some organizing to do.
Brynn Grieshaber
My new roommate, Daniela, moving into her room. She has some organizing to do.
  • Do your own laundry
  • Everyone buys groceries – these are items we share
  • Do your own dishes
  • Don’t leave underwear in the living room
  • Don’t steal from your roommates
  • Communicate with each other
  • Keep your bathroom clean – leave space for each other
  • Weed or cigarettes: smoke outside!

Act like you live alone

Just do your part around the dorm/apartment. If you act like you live alone, then you will do all the little chores along the way. But pay attention to your roommates. You become like a little family.

Be clear when bills are due

Nothing is more irritating than having to worry about whether your roommate has their rent money or not when it is due. Always make clear rules for when all bills are due. This will save a lot of stress on your end.

Mi Casa es Su Casa

Your home is their home too. I like is when my roommate asks about bringing someone over. I always say yes and don’t mind. It’s his house, too. It’s just nice to know. And Vice versa.

Don’t be weird

Just because you’re someone’s roommate doesn’t mean you can use his or her deodorant, shampoo, body wash, etc! #gross 


You’re going to fight with your roommates. If this happens, just talk it out. Each roommate cares about you in his or her own way. Remember personalities are different.

Originally published Aug 13, 2016