Students make flip books, bobble noggins

SCCC Homecoming Week 2017

Lisa Suzuki, Reporter

On Feb. 15, Seward County Community College had a event in the student union for homecoming week. There was activities which consisted of Flip Books and Bobble Noggins. Many students enjoyed the event.

At Flip Books students had to stand in front of a video camera and do whatever movement they wanted with their friends for six seconds. Once the six seconds were over a book was printed of each movement. In order to see what movements you did, you had to flip the pages to see what was recorded.

Keynitra Houston
SCCC had photographers make free bobble heads in the student union for students around campus. (center) Friends Andy Ortiz and Alexander Pierson, have fun with their new bobble heads. (right) Trio member Andy Ortiz, gets his picture taken for his own bobblehead.

At Bobble Noggins, a photographer took a picture of students individually. Students then choose a body figure to place the picture of their head on. “I chose the ninja one, because it looks so funny and it was very interesting. I will put it on my dresser for sure,” freshmen Valeria Corrales said

The volleyball team also attended this event with their coaches as part of a team activity. The team was very united, just like on the volleyball court.

Keynitra Houston
Members of the Lady Saints volleyball team ham it up for the camera while making a flip book.

Homecoming king candidate, Mario Cardenas, said “There are a lot of things you can do and it is very cool. There should always be something different in terms of events, because sometimes doing the same things gets old.”