Liberal celebrates Pancake Day

Angelica Alfaro, Co- Editor

When students see that Seward County Community College is off for Pancake Day on Feb. 28 they may be asking themselves “What is Pancake Day?” Pancake Day is a celebration of races between Liberal and Olney, London.

The celebration began in Olney, London in the year 1445 when a woman ran off to church with her apron on and in her hand, a skillet with a pancake still in it. In later years, on the day before lent neighbors joined in a race to see who could make it to the church first.

Angelica Alfaro
The big race for Pancake Day has always been the women’s race, because it all started in London with a women.

It is the 68th year that Liberal celebrates Pancake Day. In the races, Liberal is beating Olney with winning 37 races and Olney 29. The winning record is set at 55:02 seconds. If you think you have what it takes to beat the record, join the race. Not only do women get to race, but so do the men and children. There are also other activities and competitions to participate in.

Crusader File Photo
In the past years, an activity that kids tend to participate in a lot is the pancake flipping contest.

Liberal became involved in 1950 when Liberal Jaycee President, R.J. Leete, was interested in the women racing to the church on a magazine. A challenge was then brought up between the women in Olney and Liberal. The prize continued to be the traditional Olney “Kiss of Peace” from the verger, the bellringer.

The race is a friendly competition. “The races are always a fun competition as we wish our Olney friends the best of luck in competing for the title in the 2017 race,” said Chairman Ronna Stump in the International Pancake Day Letter from our Chairman.

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No matter the weather, the races continue.

Pancake Day has continually celebrated throughout the years. It is now a four day celebration in Liberal, but the races will always be on the day before lent.

Pancake Day will begin Feb. 25 and end Feb. 28. On the 25th there will be several events including merchandise sales, eating and flipping contest and talent show auditions. The next day will continue to be the talent show finals. On Monday a Dignitary Reception will be held for those invited.

Angelica Alfaro
Merchandise is sold at the Hall of Fame and Girl Scouts will also be selling.

Finally on the big day, breakfast will begin at 6:30 a.m. Races will start at 10:30 a.m. with the youth racing. International race will be at 11:55 a.m. With a few activities, the celebration ends with the parade. Many activities do require tickets, so make sure to get your tickets and don’t miss out.

For more information on tickets, on how to join activities, prices of merchandise or how enter the talent show, visit the website at or call the Hall of Fame at 620-391-2887.