Review: Sister Act provides a great time

David Gomez, Reporter

In the Seward County Community College performance of the musical Sister Act leading roles are Amira Coleman as Deloris Van Cartier and Lisa Bergman as Mother Superior.

Set in the 1970’s follows the life of a diva, Deloris, who witnesses her married boyfriend shoot one of the members of his gang. Deloris is then forced to go “Incognegro” in a convent.

Deloris has a personality clash with Mother Superior as Deloris sings her way into the affection of the other nuns by transforming their out of tune choir into a funky, jazz spiritual group. With the help of Deloris, the convent garners attention from the community and is given the opportunity to raise money to save the convent from closure.

Directed by Gloria Goodwin, this production has great energy and has a great supporting cast. Eddie, who is played by Jose Alvarado is a cop put in charge of protecting Deloris, and ALL of the nuns were a hit. They constantly had the crowd laughing,

The first scene of the play starts out with Deloris performing “Take me to Heaven” in a club for her married boyfriend, a crappy one at that. Deloris’ friends Tina and Michelle, played by Erin Richardson and Paige Rogers, blame Deloris’ quality of boyfriends on the fact that Deloris has never met her father.

Although the singing by Coleman, Rogers and Richardson was good, there was not a lot of movement. This was a club scene and there could have been a more creative way of using the stage than standing in one spot while busting a two-step.

By far the best musical performance was when Deloris and all of the nuns got together and sang “Take me to Heaven.” It was awesome to watch all of the nuns dance together while also singing a great musical number. A big shout out is deserving to Alyssa Fisher, Jamie Francis, Jessica Malin, Heather Powell and Tammy Garrison for a  great performance as the nuns of the convent.

A great deal of credit also goes to the orchestra who had a tough job for a musical with a variety of instruments and with a limited amount of space. The orchestra was directed by Darin Workman and wonderful music was played throughout the musical.

If you missed Sister Act yesterday, no worries. The musical will be showing Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at the SCCC showcase theatre.