Can’t Get Enough of Netflix?

Alondra Trevizo, Reporter

Binge watching a Netflix tv series has become everyone’s favorite activity and Seward County Community College students are no exception. Netflix offers an array of choices; from science fiction fantasies to romantic comedies, there’s a show for everyone.

Cassidy Velasquez, an education major, turned to binge watching when everyone around her seemed addicted. As for her, she prefers, “something with a little drama.” Velasquez is currently binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and said she would, “definitely recommend this show.”

While some enjoy drama filled series, others go for more of a comedic release.

“Right now, I’m binge watching Young and Hungry and I love the main character’s best friend, Sophia! She’s always getting her friend out of trouble and it’s always entertaining to watch,” Haley Lujan said.

Time can get away from you when the plot of a show is too entertaining to turn away from.

“I turn my Netflix on one minute and next thing I know, two hours have gone by!” Lujan said. “You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!”

Angel Meza
Netflix also provides their subscribers with series that make you want to jump out of your seat and hide. Shows like;
American Horror Story, Bates Motel, The Walking Dead, Arrow, and Black Mirror.

Kerri Edwards, nursing major, said she loves American Horror Story but isn’t quite a fan of Arrow.

“It’s just so boring to me,” Edwards said about Arrow. Nonetheless, she said that she always finds something that draws her attention and keeps her hooked.

Binge watching a tv series can be a grueling task, from choosing the show that best fits your taste to clicking “yes, I’m still here,” when you’ve been logged in for a long time. One thing is for sure: the laughs, tears, and screams that Netflix provides keeps SCCC students coming back for more.