Library to start online book club

Attention all book lovers!


Amberley Taylor

“SCCC Library Book Group,” is an online book club where readers can discuss readings together.

Alondra Trevizo, Reporter

The Seward County Community College library is starting an online book club via the “SCCC Library Book Group” Facebook page for students or staff that enjoy reading. The online book club allows you to interact and have fun with your fellow book-loving peers.

Every month, the book club will draw the name of three books. The books are chosen from recommendations that members have. After the drawing, members have the chance to choose from the three books, but if all of the choices seem dull or are simply not interesting to you, readers are allowed to choose any book that suits their reading needs!

At the first of every month, a group discussion will be started on the Facebook page where readers can freely express any thoughts they have on the book they chose to read, recommendations for next month’s books and simply just be able to state their favorite part of the book.

Book clubs are a great way for students that love to read to get involved with peers that love it as well! Director of Library, Lindsey Tuman, states that she started this book club in hopes that students who “love to read” will come and “talk books.”

Tuman also hopes to get to know new students through the club and encourages students to sign up and meet new people.

“It’s a great opportunity for anybody who likes to read at their own pace. You can skip around and adjust your reading to your schedule. I get it, life happens, you don’t always have the time to read,” Tuman stated.  

Sign up for the SCCC book club at the library or on the library Facebook page today!