Saints basketball dominates Northern Oklahoma College-Enid


Angel Meza

Freshman Ke’Sean Davis guards a Jet during the first half. Davis was the lead scorer of the night against Northern Oklahoma College-Enid.

Angel Meza, Sports Editor

After an impressive game against Clarendon, the Saints managed to impress the crowd once again on Saturday, Nov. 4. Seward County went up against the Northern Oklahoma College-Enid Jets, following the Lady Saints basketball game against Hesston College. 

Since the beginning of the first, it definitely belonged to the Saints as they easily shut down the Jets. Seward’s defense played a huge factor as they kept an early. Every loose ball, the Saints were all over it, even if it took to dive and fight, the Saints didn’t hesitate.

Seward County had multiple highlights in the first half. They shut down the Jets by blocking most of their shots as they attempted to score. Unfortunately for the Jets, they soon lost their confidence and the Saints gained momentum. The final score for the first half ended with the Saints leading, 37-28.

The second half was not only the Saints’ favorite, but also the crowd. Throughout the second half, the crowd would hype the Saints in every great play they would perform. From every block to every three-pointer, the crowd absolutely loved it. The Saints would feed off of the crowd by responding with outstanding three-pointers. Every time a Saint would swish a three-pointer, he would stare at the crowd and hype them even more. The best highlight for the second half was whenever Tre Flowers ended the game with an incredible dunk. Unluckily, the Jets couldn’t respond at all, which lead them with the lost. The final score of the game was 77-53.

The Saints had an outstanding game against the Jets, finishing with a team overall field goal percentage of 52.9, three-point percentage of 48.0, and free throw percentage of 61.50. The leading scorer for the Saints was Ke’Sean Davis, scoring 16 points, five rebounds and three assists.

Seward County will compete on Tuesday, Nov. 7, and host Sunrise Christian at 6pm. Then, they will turn around and compete again at 8pm on Wednesday, Nov. 8, against Lamar JV at the Greenhouse.